The lost

As I glaze through my window the flashes of emotions get me weak, I couldnt speak so I cried. I cried till there was no more tears,just to ask myself am I really been used or is it lustful thinking.

My body scream whenever I looked at you.And I stared because I want you to see the monster you created.

As I reflect on your touch,a touch that would take me captive for a thousand years. I remember that your intention wasnt good it was just to get by. Then I asked myself am I really been used or it it lustful thinking or maybe its my ego.

No calls , no text ,no visit,no dates.Then suddenly we meet and you stared and I stared and weap.just then I know that you were just going around leaving scares in people hearts. Pity she doesnt know that she will be the lost.




Wishful thinking

Wishful thinking is the interpretation ¬†of facts,actions,words,etc.,imagining as actual what is not.many of us are wishful thinkers ūüėÜ

so here are some of my favorite  quotes of a wishful thinker

if you look for truth , you may find comfort in the end ;if you look for comfort you will not get either comfort or truth only soft soap and wishfull thinking to begin, and in the end despair ¬†…ūüĎĆ

any Rea belief in death is just wishful thinking‚ėļ

Wishful  thinking  is one thing and reality another.

stop the habit of a wishful thinking  and start the habit of a thoughtful wishes.

if something  is true,no amount  of wishful thinking will change  it.

what we think ,we become.



The spot of a wishful  thinker

The motivator

Its not always easy to motivate oneself.sometimes the pain we feel the suffering we bared but yet we don’t give up,we push harder to be successful. The thought of suicidal ,depression, rushes through my blood as I pled for help,little did I know that I was my motivator.I was to pick myself up lock away my suffering to be better .welcome all the kind hearted people around me and immersed in nature and forget about it all.

Sometimes we just have to get up dress up and word for what we want. Be your motivator,be your mentor,be your own boss,its not always going to be easy but its worth not giving up .ope


The weakness

love and pain

Your my weakness but you fail to see.
Every little thing I do for your sake but you don’t care.
I feel so empty without you,so little, so weak .you drain my energy and laugh at my pains.the pain you cause upon me the loneliness,the hurt,the heartbreak.
The pain I will always have in my heart. You cause a spell upon me to hate love and trick emotions.emotions that words can’t explain but you fail to see the pain that you cause upon me.
How will I love again when the monster you have create have no mercy on love.
No feelings, no emotions,just pain.will I ever love again? Or continued to be the monster of love and pain..

life itself

Sometimes the people around you won’t understand your journey.
But they don’t need to its not for them.
Life goes on …whether we choose to move on or take a chance in the unknown.
Life itself is not as bad as it may be.
There are times,that we call memories,joy,peace,love,trust these sometimes make life itself what it is.
In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take,yes and we call that life itself.
Enjoying your life without comparing with that of another is life itself.
In the end we only have one life .
Be happy
Be merry
Be beautiful
Be joyful
Be life itself

Just A Dream

Every night I stare at my window,wondering where you are,who you with,only to know that you doesn’t exists.
Images in my mind what you like,the taste of your lips and the tender touch of your hands,only to know that doesn’t exists.
Tall and muscular you maybe that shines through me.
Is it just a dream or my wish.
The wish I long for to exist ,or am I just a dreamer that those dream seems to vanished. The dream I hope for to exist but suddenly it vanished .
Yes it vanished in thin air because am just a dreamer that who’s dream never to exist.
The man in head that no one can take out or away .the man in my dreams that dream only for me.

This Cold Heart Of Mine

All I ever ask for was peace in my heart.
But how, when,where,
Where can I find that,when the pain,the hate,the bitterness, the void the gap keep reflecting in my emotions in my sleep in my dreams.
This cold heart of mine won’t allow it.
Won’t allow it to pass,heart so cold as ice the pain still won’t go.
This was not what I hope for
All I wanted was peace ,a little peace inside I ask for.
But nothing won’t change .
The time is borrow ,the world will forget my name .
When will I find peace in this cold heart of mineIMG_20150812_164417